All hustle. No hassle.

We believe in working smart. That’s why we offer a host of features and services that help you manage and move your money with ease.

ACH Block/Filters

Don’t worry about managing unauthorized ACH transactions that hit your account. Our Block/Filter service was created to monitor and secure your account, 24/7.

Automated Clearing House

Send and receive funds via direct payroll deposit, government electronic federal tax (EFTPS), person-to-person (P2P), and business-to-business (B2B).

Business Bill Pay

Get full control and ultimate convenience with customization options that allow you to manage and pay your bills exactly the way you want.

Loan Sweep

If funds are needed, a line advance is triggered from the line of credit. If excess funds are in your linked checking, they are pulled to pay down the line of credit.

Lockbox Services

A lockbox is a P.O. Box where your customer payments are sent directly to Horizon. Once received, we’ll process and deposit them for you.

Overnight Investment Sweep

Automatically move excess funds into pre-selected investments overnight. The next day, your money will be returned to your account for immediate use.

Positive Pay

Positive Pay ensures that every ACH and Check checks out - and alerts you if it doesn't. With features like multiple user access levels, reports, single sign on, online exception management and more, it's the best kind of early warning system.

Conveniently and securely consolidate and manage your finances with online banking integration with QuickBooks® and Quicken® software.

Remote Deposit Capture

Securely scan checks and import information into your accounts receivables online with Remote Deposit Capture, all without leaving your office.

Repo Sweep

Maximize your short-term liquidity with minimal risk through a Repurchase Agreement Account (Repo Account), exclusively from Horizon Bank.


When protecting your money, a little extra security can go a long way. With this simple device, you’ll be able to relax and know your accounts are safe.

Virtual Vaults

Process large deposits on-site and get immediate credit to your Horizon account. At week's end, we’ll collect your vault’s contents and reconcile it to your account.

Wire Transfer

Send funds online fast without having to fill out, sign, and send in a form for processing. Your recipients are saved online, so there’s no need to fill in the same information each time you need to send a wire.

Zero-Balance Account

Maintain a zero-balance account. Your funds will be automatically reallocated among your accounts daily, according to pre-set balance requirements.

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