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What is my routing number?

Your Horizon Bank routing number is: 111907940.

Does Horizon Bank have a mobile app?

Yes! Search for “Horizon Bank SSB” in the app store and look for our logo. View accounts, pay bills, transfer money, and more. Download the iPhone app and Android app here.

Can I change or reset my password?

Change your password as often as you like. However, we strongly suggest that you change your password immediately if you suspect it has been compromised. To change your password once logged in to online banking, click on Security Settings, under the Preferences menu.

Why is a secure message necessary?

It is necessary to keep your personal and account information private. However, even in a secure message, never share your password.

Why am I being asked to select a target and where do I get my secure access code?

For security reasons, we ask for authentication. We will send you a secure access code to the target that you select. You may then select to register the device for one time or later use.

How do I pay my bills online?

Horizon is pleased to offer an online bill pay service. In online banking, click on Transactions > Bill Payment.

How do I know if I am connecting securely to an internet site?

In general, if a website address begins with https, instead of http, you are using a secure connection. Another indicator is a padlock icon in your browser status bar or address bar. Double-click on this item to get more detailed security information.

What can I do to maximize security with the Online Banking system?

There are three main practices you should follow to keep your information secure. Log out securely by clicking Sign Off in the upper corner of the screen. Download Trusteer Rapport, online protection software offered at no cost to you. If possible, limit your online banking activities to one designated computer or device.

What does your online banking look like?

Watch our online banking demo video.